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iBigToy is a published children's book production company .

Respect user privacy information privacy is iBigToy consistent principle , iBigToy through technical means , strengthen internal management and other measures to fully protect the user's personal privacy information , unless the law or the law gives the government authority to demand or obtain prior express authorization of users and other reasons , iBigToy guarantee not open to the public or disclosed to third parties your personal privacy information , or the user is stored in the use of non-public service content. Meanwhile , in order to operate and improve iBigToy technologies and services , iBigToy will likely collect their own use or to a third party users of non-personal privacy information , which will help iBigToy to provide users with a better user experience and service quality.


Publishers, authors and creators publish books , shall ensure that the works have the appropriate legal rights. iBigToy for publishers, authors , creators and copyright disputes between third parties does not assume any legal and joint responsibility.
iBigToy user can not answer or comment published correctness guarantees.
User published content is only in iBigToy show their individual positions and views do not represent the position or opinions iBigToy . As the contents of the publication , the need for self- published content , because the content published all disputes arising from this content Posted by bear full legal and joint responsibility. iBigToy does not assume any legal and joint responsibility.
iBigToy not guarantee network services must meet the requirements of users, does not guarantee network services will not be interrupted , the timeliness of network services , security, accuracy is not guaranteed.
For iBigToy due to force majeure or causes beyond the control of network service interruption or other defects , iBigToy does not assume any responsibility, but will be to reduce the losses caused to the user and impact .
If you find iBigToy have content violates your intellectual property or other rights, please contact us cooperation@ibigtoy.com
Agreement modifying

According to the development of the Internet and related laws , regulations and normative documents changes , or due to business development needs , iBigToy the right to amend the terms of this Agreement or change once the contents of this agreement change , iBigToy iBigToy directly on the site will be after posting the amended agreement, the announcement behavior as iBigToy have informed the user to modify the content . iBigToy also can e-mail or private letter of transmission, prompt the user to modify the terms of the agreement , service changes, or other important matters.
If you do not agree with the relevant provisions of this Agreement iBigToy modifications , users have the right and should stop using iBigToy. If the user continues to use iBigToy, user acceptance iBigToy deemed relevant provisions of this Agreement changes.